“My experience in working with Courtney Brown was one of a super achiever, who constantly went above and beyond to be available, to deliver outstanding results, to really understand the needs of our project and to be personable. Courtney made it easy for us to win and we did.”
- Troy Haines, Director

case study: Ignite FNQ Ltd

Ignite FNQ Ltd


Advance Queensland, a strategic and economic initiative of the Queensland State Government as a result of the trade downturn for mining and resources throughout Queensland, is now known as the preeminent innovation and technology ecosystem which has stimulated Queensland’s economy and ensured that Queensland now is acknowledged on the world map for start-up and ecosystem development.


1 day strategic facilitation, 12 weeks for governance agreement, development of project plan and action plan for the region of North Queensland, fund raising of no less than $500,000.

Project Description

With a challenging deadline, disparate geography and requirements to meet the needs of the Government, this project required an alternate approach in order to deliver success. So what was the approach?

One day of facilitation to agree and commit in the room to an action plan that would activate collaboration across a region. Who was there:

As a result of this day, 120 participants (councils, businesses, universities) agreed to collaboration (and put this in writing), others agreed to financial contributions and all articulated their commitment to advancing the region’s technology and innovation capability using existing and latent resources. Administration to establish a new co-operative entity also occurred, party agreement was finalised and our Founder delivered a collaborative action plan that was accepted by all parties and the state of Queensland.


Secured funding, matched by the State of Queensland. Contacts from this project remain in touch with our Founder today, some of whom will remain professional contacts, a few will be friends of Millennial Group for a long time to come.