what we do

Good Governance

If you're transitioning from Waterfall to Agile enterprise portfolio delivery, we have experience in embedding governance that enables rapid change. Whether it be moving to embed enduring cross-functional teams, designing delivery around services rather than portfolio delivery, we work collaboratively with your executive, HR and organisational design teams to realise your new strategic direction. 

Enterprise Strategy

Your IT strategy is the key enabler for differentiation in this current market. It requires alignment and scoping for the customer of the future. Cloud and mobile-first design, data sovereignty and ensuring your platform technology positions your organisation for efficiency will be key for competitive advantage.  We acknowledge that this market is challenged by legacy and core system transition and can support this too. Your legacy should be leveraged wherever possible in transition to enable your platform delivery.

Disruptive Fintech

Being familiar with the Australian regulatory landscape, would you rather support the disruption or be disrupted? We enjoy supporting new product strategy that places the customer at the centre. Supporting system design for capital partnerships as well as workforce distribution, our system design can enhance your growth plans. Not sure how to scale? We can help.

User Experience

If you're struggling to realise your online conversion targets we are here to help.  Harnessing the power of useability testing, behavioral insight research and interaction design best practice, you could be missing one small feature that will increase your CRO. We are equally happy to train your people to enhance their research capability or our skilled UX designers can surface findings that will enhance your campaign ROI.

Product Strategy

Your product go-to-market strategy may have used a tried, tested and proven technique. When was the last time you attempted something different to attract Gen Y or Gen Z customers? Our ecosystem of contacts within media, PR and communications can support your product differentiation.             

Strategic Facilitation

There is nothing more important than developing a strategy that caters to the future. Whilst the future is uncertain, technology change should be at the heart of considerations for your organisation to divest, partner or scale using alternative resources, ethical investments or M&A. Our founder works with your Board and Executive to understand your existing position, desired future, risk appetite and elicits a robust conversation based on research derived from other markets. Strategic facilitation is about the desired outcome which is sensitive to your organisation's unique culture. If strategic clarity is what you seek, we can get this done.

Some of our Australian based clients have included...

There are rare times you meet a true facilitative leader. Courtney's facilitation is second to none. Her intelligent people centric approach to driving outcomes gets results. I recommend her to any organisation seeking strategic clarity.

- Andrew McIntyre, IncentiaPay

“My experience in working with Courtney Brown was one of a super achiever, who constantly went above and beyond to be available, to deliver outstanding results, to really understand the needs of our project and to be personable. Courtney made it easy for us to win and we did. In short Courtney delivered results beyond our expectations. Would we use Courtney Brown again? We are already planning to.”

- Troy Haines, Director Ignite FNQ

“Courtney, worked with me to establish a collaborative leadership group consisting of CEOs of Primary Health Organisations across Australia. She identified a need for peer support, and developed a strategic education package that was readily agreed to by 9 CEOs. Courtney has remarkable nous, common sense and an ability to implement change processes. Courtney possesses wisdom and skills beyond her age. She is quite simply amazing. It was a joy to work with Courtney and I hope to work with her in the future!”

- Max Hardy, Max Hardy Consulting Pty Ltd